Federal security officer leaves gun and ammo inside U.S. Capitol toilet bathroom, is not the only one who's done this




That’s one awkward trip to the Lost and Found.


Holy Christ.
I mean.


As gun safety instructors always tell you, “never leave one in the chamberpot.”


Anyone here ever forgot a gun somewhere?


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!


God damn it. All I find in the men’s room is poor aim and the occasional $20 passed under the stall.


Solution. Simple. Shoot em. Period.


The latter two are still under investigation, which consists of matching the serial number to the department’s inventory record, then interviewing the officer.

Are we to understand that the officers lost their service weapon and didn’t notify someone when they found out? Misplacing a handgun is bad, but not criminal. Trying to hide from that seems like a firing offense, at the least.


“Wide stance” anyone?


That’s okay. They each still had the single bullet they’re allowed to carry in their pockets.


government property = public property


I sense an organized campaign scripted around the notion that “Glocks have no safety”. That’s not true, they have a trigger safety, but it’s also irrelevant. Only an idiot thinks a safety makes a gun safe. Correct handling and proper discipline make guns safe… Oh, and safe transportation and storage, which in this case seems to have been wantonly disregarded. On the face of it, the officers involved should face severe punishment.


Of concern? How the hell is this “of concern?” This is exactly the freedom Boehner has been handsomely paid to fight for, the freedom to use unlimited firearms with no accountability whatsoever. Oh my goodness, a chicken came home to roost? I am astonished.


Assuming I’m not the only one here who saw Thursday’s night’s Louie:


Well, now that Rob Ford’s not mayor in Toronto anymore, someone had to step up to the plate to be the world’s clown.


Friend of mine once left an ounce of weed atop the toilet paper dispenser in a Dairy Queen bathroom. With papers. He drove back some 90 miles to snag it rather than risk 3 days camping without it. Remarkably it was still there.

But a firearm would definitely be more embarrassing.


Firing offense? A security officer losing a dangerous weapon in a place where a kid might find it should be at least a firing offense. Trying to cover it up should be criminal.


Most of the serious gun-rights advocates I’ve known have a major thing about safe gun handling. They’re real big on accountability, and they would be just as appalled by this as you are. I can’t speak for Boehner, of course.


Federal “security” officer.