Feds blew the door off a safe in Giuliani associate raids

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(You know I had to.)


Feds blew the door off a safe in Giuliani associate raids

I wonder if they were keeping any internet inside of it?

(Hopefully they find unexplained cash and incriminating documents, but I’m sure the worst stuff is still going end up being emails.)


Why, it’s almost like the White House is involved in some Mafia-style shenanigans or something.


Nah, they printed all the emails and shredded them…


Igor and Lev? I can imagine they printed them, safety-pinned them to the front of their shirts, and went clubbing, reading them back-and-forth to each other as they danced and took shots.



Was there internal struggle about whose beat this would be covered? Xeni seems to do a lot of the anti trump stuff, but Rob seems to be our go to for hot safe opening action


In all seriousness isn’t it hard to blow open a safe wo damaging papers inside?


Why in the hell do you need a safe for anything other than a passport and stuff you don’t want your kids getting into?

Father-in-law kept his life savings in bullion in a safe in his basement. “I ain’t trustin’ no bank!”. Safe got stolen and there goes 1/2 mill. They know who did it but don’t have proof and the person who robbed them seems pretty smart since they’re being watched by the cops 24/7 for 2 years now and nothing has turned up.

I kind of feel bad for the guy, but he’s %100 MAGA so not that bad.


I’m old enough to remember when the g-men were blowing off safe doors because Rudy wanted them to.

[also, @beschizza should have gotten first dibs on this story]


You don’t blow safe doors off - it’s just stupid and very dangerous. The proper way is to manipulate the combination (if it’s a mechanical dial) or drill to bypass the combination keypad and manually disengage the boltworks from the locking mechanism.


They must be innocent. Giuliani is Trump’s personal lawyer and Trump only hires the best people, so this must all be just a witch lynching.

Did that sound Trump suporterish enough? Should I have included something about the Great Wall of Colorado?


[Then he shouldn’t have kept it in a safe that was so easy for @xeni to crack.]


Why do you think people go into law enforcement in the first place?


I would think a shaped charge could cut the bolts without causing too much collateral damage. Paper doesn’t really burn well, and anything that did catch could be put out by just keeping the door closed for a few minutes.

Well, obviously that safe was entirely too small and portable for the job. A proper safe for that amount should be nearly impossible to move.


It’s not a simple task to sever the bolts; they are usually case hardened steel and not easily accessible through the gap between the door and frame. That’s why the door and frame look the way they do - to prevent attacks on the bolts.
I had to open a security container equipped with a manipulation proof combination. I went through the side of the container beside the door, through the edge of the door and forced the lock bolt of the combination into the housing. It was relatively quiet to do all this and I doubt anybody in the adjacent hotel rooms was aware that any service work was going on until I pounded the lock bolt back. I’d serviced dozens of these containers and knew exactly where I needed to go. The combination unit was replaced and the holes welded closed in a couple of hours. The user was up and operating the same day. You can’t do any of that if you use explosives.


The obvious way is to invent a device allowing you to phase-shift at a sufficiently rapid frequency to where you could just walk through the safe door. I’m sure they had a device to do that, but it’s just not as cool as just asplodin’ the door.


Yep. The guy lives out on a ranch and had the safe “hidden” in the basement. Unfortunately he hired some shady workers to help with the horses (tax-free under the table). When he went all Trumpish and fired them all he didn’t account for the fact that they knew exactly where the thing was, exactly when he would be gone for a few days, and that their fingerprints were all over the place anyway.


I have a small safe for papers. It’s the size of a tailgate-party cooler, is water- and fire-proof, and weighs 90 pounds empty. Even before being filled with papers, it weighs enough to be effectively immovable by a burglar.

I’m trying to understand how a safe filled with supposedly $500,000-worth of gold gets stolen.

Edited to add: I should have read down. A couple of guys and a few days alone on the property does help explain it. But how did they know what was in the safe? Generally speaking, a small safe is used for papers which are basically only valuable to the owners, not something that can be sold for cash.