Feds execute search warrant at Giuliani’s residence, says NYT

I bet ol’ Rudy’s sweating shoe polish now.


My popcorn machine is turned up to 11.


My impression is that in cases like this they are waiting for everyone to get their story straight, I do think there are lines of communication among all the right wing outlets, and by tonight Fox will have a defense, probably “Biden has weaponized the Justice Department to mete out revenge” or some variation on “The Deep State” which will be repeated by talk radio and websites.


Did you mean ‘faces’ or that other word that is spelt quite similarly?



I don’t know if “Noun, verb, 9/11” counts as a song, as such.


Knowing his technical expertise as exemplified by his tendency to butt dial reporters with hours of conversation, he likely attempted to destroy disc drives but instead uploaded them to instagram. His “paper shredder” turned out to be a fax machine, and the documents intended for destruction are currently being read by NYT reporters who are shaking their heads in disbelief.


Give them a minute. Ignoring shit till they can’t is always plan A. They’ll run with it as soon as they get official talking points from the GOP.


Watch out for the pool of acid


I think it’s interesting to see the lead reporters on this are outside of the Politics/DC bureaus of the NY Times, which have a fraught history of complicity with Giuliani, especially with regard to his Ukraine smear campaign.

In particular, NY Times DC reporter Ken Vogel was a conduit for Guiliani and pushed articles with his Ukraine misinformation during 2019, and even as the whistleblower’s account started to emerge Vogel was trying to push dirt, until it became glaringly obvious how bad his reporting was.

The DC and Politics beats at the Times are the sources for the large majority of complaints about their reporting during the Trump years. Other parts of the paper have done much better – it was the NY State and Investigative desks that broke the story on Trump’s fraudulent tax returns, for example.

Politics editor Patrick Healy is a big part of the problem. As the long time Broadway reporter for the Times, Healy looked the other way on Scott Rudin’s notoriously abusive treatment of employees, and during the Trump years did all he could to treat GOP madness as backstage gossip.

The Times has the potential to do great reporting, but leadership needs to realize they need to dump the ones with savvy, insider-y mindsets for editors and reporters who have real chops for journalism.


I’m waiting to be “shocked! well not that shocked” when it’s revealed how old and insecure the electronic tech stuff of this former cybersecurity czar is.


I’d settle for the FBI making a definitive statement if they every took any laptops into custody.

The “FBI receipt” the NY Post produced was a mid-90s form filled in by hand. Who does that these days?! (Plus, the FBI has a whole department devoted to making standardized form templates. No geezer agent is going pull an old form out of the bottom of a drawer.)

Stories said that “The FBI has confirmed that they’re investigating the Hunter Biden laptop”, but checking the actual FBI statements, they said that they’re investigating the laptop story.

And the whole laptop repair story never made any sense to start with.


Everything about the laptop story stinks of political dirty trick rat-fuckery.

“Why wouldn’t the liberal media report on this!!?”

Maybe ask Dan Rather.


Just curious, was the Rudy Giuliani warrant one of those no knock ones the police use on black people before they shoot them?


Kiwi company people are phoning him as we speak.


(sad trombone)

I can’t say I’m remotely shocked at this - Rudy was so openly shady in the last couple of years that this pretty much felt inevitable. It was only because the feds had been so completely corrupted and hamstrung under Trump that it took this long.

I think they just don’t have their messaging coordinated yet. It can take them a while. I think the fact that his own lawyer’s public defense amounted to, “But… but… 9/11… American’s mayor!” probably says quite a bit, though. We’ll have to see what happens - I suspect Fox/Breitbart will make a big deal of this before the feds make their case, but as soon as the evidence gets revealed, then they’ll suddenly shut up.

Well, Rudy did help there - I recollect a few times, when he was working for Trump, where he’d make some public statement and I’d see prosecutors on Twitter saying, “Wait a minute - did he just admit to committing a felony there!?”

He’s already proven that a few times though, hasn’t he? We can’t even pretend to be shocked at this point.

The whole thing was so obviously a set-up that it seems like it was intended purely for the credulous right-wing propaganda outlets, simply an excuse for people to make claims about Biden rather than pretending to be actual proof.


Giuliani has denied any wrongdoing, and his lawyer, Robert Costello, told The Times that what the FBI “did today was legal thuggery.”

Why would you do this to anyone, let alone someone who was the associate attorney general, United States attorney, the mayor of New York City and the personal lawyer to the 45th president of the United States?” Costello said.

When I read this quote in the Business Insider article, I was picturing Jen Psaki answering: “because he committed several Federal crimes and they needed to gather evidence.”


I’m sure Psaki would work an “allegedly” or two into that statement. She’s savvy that way.


What’s on Rudy’s laptop?
:fire: :fire:The contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop!
Now those contents will have to be revealed to the public! It’s all apart of Q’s plan.
Checkmate libtards!