Fellow brushes his teeth during Japanese noise music concert by Merzbow

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Yeah, saw Merzbow live in Osaka in 2006. The attitude of people who go to noise shows is often eccentric, and I’ve been to countless noise shows since. Weird stuff like this happens occasionally. The noise just blends into living life eventually.


i am on the FLOOR
this is the best shit i’ve seen all week, thanks :smiley:

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Looks like Kenneth finally found the frequency.


Saw that at the 10th anniversary Pigface/Invisible records concert back in the late 90s, when FM Einheit’s band took the stage… it sounds weird and very cool! thanks!


Obviously, his fillings were picking up intrusive radio transmissions, and…



So true. I’ve seen plenty of people floss while enjoying music.


I suspect some form of synaethesia from our toothbrushing observer. Interesting to see the electric guitar reduced to its fundamentals… :wink:

4 out of 5 dentists approve!


A close friend was a Merzbow fan back in the 80s. It was a sonic bridge too far for me then, but now I understand that noise music is the only legitimate soundtrack to our existence here on…what’s this shithole called again? Oh yeah, PLANET EARTH.


Merzbow usually makes me have weird sonic physical reactions, like all my hair standing on end and getting weird shivers. So, feeling a sudden urge to brush one’s teeth doesn’t seem so weird. If I was at a Merzbow concert, I might consider it just to make sure all my teeth were staying in my mouth and not vibrating out.

I once had a roommate who listened to Merzbow a lot, and I could always tell when he was listening by how agitated I felt without actually hearing any sound.

Back in the mid or late 70’s I was playing bass in a group that was semi-punk. During a practice, I once suggested trying to free form something that was in no key and no time signature. It was more difficult than I expected, but it sounded interesting. Enough so that we decided to descend on Raul’s and see if The Next would cede us some time. We perplexed everyone and pleased at least a couple of souls. Enough that we were invited to play at some benefit or something at Esther’s Follies where we got into the make-up backstage and went nuts with it first. Pretty damn sure that would have counted as very early noise music.

Actually, the guy was probably making an obscure reference to a noise clip from a Yellow Swans live show back in '04 where someone filmed a dude brushing his teeth.


Sounds fun and probably a bit ahead of the times :slight_smile: any recordings? however, stuff that could be definitely ‘Noise music’ in the vein of Merzbow has been done since the 50s, and depending how you define ‘noise music’ it’s been 1910 or so (tho Luigi Russolo is overrated; from what remains of his work it’s more like acoustic honks, squeeks and scrapes - often alongside classical instruments - than anything like what we’d call Noise today)

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