Fendi accidentally made a 'vulva' scarf


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/10/15/fendi-accidentally-made-a-vu.html


Here’s the correct title:



Finn : It was an accident.

The Man Upstairs : You accidentally, expertly, carefully made a vulva scarf?


Silly twats.


Hey…at last a suitable accessory for this dress



Well I think it’s lovely.


Just in time for Halloween.

In case you were planning to blow $900 on a costume.


ICYMI: All fur collars have always turned the wearer’s head into a giant clit.


Me too; they should double down and market it as such. But fake fur, please.


Yes, no leopard fur or other endangered big pussies.


Accessories for millennials sold separately:



Oh… that’s why my date couldn’t find my head when he tried to kiss me goodnight!


My neighbor had one of those vinyl Virgen de Guadalupe stickers in the back window of his truck. Only the vinyl was initially red, which the harsh California sun quickly turned it a nice peachy pink.

It’s like the opposite of truck balls.


The opposite of real balls too, as they usually turn red in the sun.


I don’t see it?!?




Something missing? Let’s hope that Fendi is contributing 20% of each sale to an anti-clitoridectomy movement.


Not if you slather them with sunscreen.

pro tip: the sunscreen works better if someone else applies it for you.


Yes, they could turn this into a real PR win, if they play it right. Because of course this is exactly what they meant to do.