Ferocious bipedal dog-like beast prowling American forests! says tabloid


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/08/10/ferocious-bipedal-dog-like-bea.html


@pesco is that you pranking the hillbillies?



it’s as good as the onion, maybe better. "Her supposedly ravenous appetite for food, prescription drugs and alcohol have “caused her butt to balloon at least 20 inches in the three weeks since the Democratic National Convention . . . ". ha ha ha


“Al Pacino is heading for a catastrophic emotional breakdown, experts fear,”




I’m glad BB is shocked, SHOCKED to find tabloids making up lurid news.

Connoisseurs of such dreck greatly mourned the demise of the Weekly World News (“The worlds most reliable news”).


Nah, hillbillies have their own monsters:



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