Monsters in America: a cryptozoological map of the USA


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Its incomplete.
Its missing politicians


What about the hodag?


Geeeze even the monsters don’t want to go to Alabama.


Awww no Kushtakaa in Alaska… bummer.

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No, my friend. Politicians are monsters, but they are confirmed REAL.

Now, an HONEST politician, that belongs on the list


I am slightly pissed at this map. I live right by Pike’s Peak, and there have been reported Bigfoot sightings. There is supposedly a place in Cascade where somebody saw one, and one of the mile-marker signs going up Pike’s Peak has a bigfoot on it. Somebody needs to put Colorado on this map.

They’re like US Pokemon!

I agree! No Hodag? Hodag article on Wikipedia

I live in Tennessee and have never heard of the wampus cat. I’m deeply ashamed.

However I have been to the home of the infamous Bell Witch.

Egad. I’ve heard of the Wamous Cat, and I’m from Sunderland.

Came here to say this.

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