Lake monster license plate to raise money for clean water


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That’s cool! Every state should put their monster creature on a plate!


It would be weird to drive around with a pic of @pesco on my WA license plate.


The California one would be a bong tipped over with the water spilling out. Smells awful too, scratch and sniff option available…


Not every state has its own cryptozooid though. Maybe we could crowd source some for the cryptid deficient?

Edited to include this useful field guide:

and this handy map:


Gritty plates?

(At least Gritty exists, unlike Champ.)


One might posit that “focusing on the conversation about water quality” should emphasize good science and should not be conflated with dubious cryptozoology.

“But that’s no fun, and this gets people’s attention!” one might respond. But it’s a slippery slope, isn’t it?

(One might further posit that the disaster in Flint wouldn’t have happened if someone had insisted public health and accurate data reporting trumped all other concerns, but money just speaks too loudly.)


We can’t have those job-killing laws, even if they prevent people-killing tragedies. /s


“Seriously what is he, like a cryptozoologist or something?”


For the benefit of the mapmaker, the state west of Arkansas is Oklahoma, not Missouri…



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