Photo of freaky monster terrorizing Santa Fe, Argentina


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The window frame to the right puts it at normal dog height.


Cone on, you can’t tell shit from a picture that bad.


My bet is a dying dog or possibly a jaguar. Whatever illness it has has caused it to lose pretty much all its fat and muscle and possibly its fur. Poor thing.


Looks like a large dog that lost it’s fur due to mange.


I think, and I’m just spitballing here, it’s one of those hairless Sphinx cats that’s been embiggened by a massive dose of gamma radiation. Happens all the time.


Naked Greyhound.
*insert band name joke here.


*insert my stripper name joke here.


Lupin & Tonks didn’t die at the battle of Hogwarts!!! They escaped to Argentina!


Or it’s been shorn. We had a sheepdog when I was a a kid. It looked a little like that when summer came.


A terminal case of scabies.


Demogorgon! Roll for initiative.


This just reinforces my theory that all cryptids are naturally blurry.


mangy mountain lion




God help us all. Mr. Bigglesworth has returned.


This looks an awful lot like a still from an obvious hoax video that was floating around a few years back. If I get the chance I’ll see if I can find it. But IIRC said video was claimed to be shot somewhere besides Argentina. Maybe Mexico. And the CG was obvious. Think it was pitched as a werewolf.


You can never get a clear shot of a monster on the loose. It’s practically a rule.


Could be one of these guys which are common in neighboring Peru: