Ferris Bueller is 30

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Or, they could come together now to seek revenge on Ben Stein who is now speaker of the house - after they all share stories - having gone through hell and years of therapy.

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Wow of all the movies that need to be punished because they don’t fit your view on the world, can’t you just leave Ferris Bueller alone??

“Hey guys one shitty person was in an irreverent 80s classic joyride, so we need a heavy handed think-piece do-over about personal freedoms and taking our lives back from the system? It’s not enough that Ferris represents every teen’s desire to be loved and enjoy their youth, instead he must become a leet hacker and electronic freedom fighter.”

If you really want to see a Ferris sequel, just watch Election (1999) instead, geez.


Fun movie, but let’s face it, Ferris Bueller was a potential sociopath.


I thought Fight Club was the thematic sequel to Ferris?


FTFY :smile:


The theoretical ‘break out of a nursing home’ movie has already been made, if you want to assume Ferris and Cameron got mixed up in crime later in life and Ferris went to prison. Oh, Ferris is also now portrayed by Al Pacino, Cameron is
Alan Arkin and Christopher Walken is there too for some reason.

Wrong type of criminals- they were 1% families. Perhaps rigging the commodities futures market or pension theft.

just, no, cory. leave ferris alone.

Potential? He was still in the early stage in the movie, but he had already made the move.



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