Fidget spinner keycaps to make your clackies whirly


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Okay we have reached peak fidget spinner.


That was my reaction, too. Then I thought, “wait, there’s no fidget spinner emoji yet…” Or is there?


Everytime I see something like this and wonder why, I have to remind myself that I had clackers as a schoolkid.


But did you make some for your typewriter keyboard?


Bless your heart, you think we had typewriters then.


Well even in the 80’s… Computers were expensive and I did most of my papers on a typewriter then. I think there were all of 2 pcs on the floor of the residence hall I was in.


:wink: then=

I long for an app that could tell me whether the words I use express my intent. Or an invisible friend, but with my luck I’d get a raging asshole that would humiliate me at every chance.


No. Just… no.


It’s like the earth exploded last November and we’re all stuck in some kind of hell we don’t even perceive as different from the original reality.

Someone please tell me that we’ve all gone insane.


No, we haven’t - but for some reason the crazies got to re-define what’s “normal”.


Now that I think of it, Nixon was president during the clackers fad. Coincidence, I think not. /s


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