Fidget toys to disperse your nervous energy

The fact is I have been making these devices for decades, and the fidgetland “goods” are in large part emulations of my designs. This picture shows some of my work, the result of building these things since 1991. The proprietor of Fidgetland bought my work at a smoke shop in Venice Beach and then copied my designs. He said so in the old version of his site, but has changed his story since then… I have the screen captures. We met, his Rolex does not impress me, nor did his inability to discern the potential of working with me instead of just knocking my designs off. He buys from the same manufacturer as I do, and they know I am the originator of “Linkey Fidgets”. I don’t really mind the copy’s… as I want them to be available, and do not have the logistical attention span to do it myself. I don’t consider the rubber bands to be much of a redesign. Mr. Burns (the Fidgetland proprietor) is at least (although charging a 10x markup) flattering me with his toil… and making the work available to fidgeter’s.

After you make tens of thousands of them it’s very robotic work… so now I mainly focus on art.

More to follow.



Fun stuff! Welcome to BoingBoing, Shaz.


I like how you do the captive bearing with the chain links. The “spheres” are pretty awesome too.


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