Fifa "misled" fans when it said world cup in Qatar was carbon neutral

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I’m sure we’re all shocked to hear this news.


Damn - you beat me to it.
I came to ask why this could conceivably be seen as ‘news’ to anyone who knew what FIFA was.


Can that wording work for other scenarios?

“No, your Honor, I didn’t commit tax fraud. I just ‘misled’ the IRS about my taxable income.”

“Okay, you got me, doc. I may have ‘misled’ you about how strictly I adhered to the diet you told me to follow.”

“Honey, don’t be mad. I just ‘misled’ you about how many women I was sleeping with!”

Yeah, no. No it doesn’t.


It was never going to be carbon neutral. Every dollar spent on Fifa bribes was paid for with fossil fuel.


Sports are toast at this rate. FIFA is corrupt as hell, the PGA is now owned by people who behead journalists they don’t like. Baseball has it’s drug abuses, the NFL refuses to address concussions and an endless parade of partner abusers.


I loved baseball since I was 10 during the mid 70s. A large chunk of my brain held players’ stats, and I studied it like a scholar.
I gave up on it in the 90s. My favorite player was forced to retire by the team who’d fucked him over for ages, and too many players were roided out. A friend got me sucked back into it the recent-est time the Detroit Tigers made the World Series, but I’ve given it up again this year. Cheating, bad drugs, ridiculous and unneeded rule changes, the owners’ and players’ obscenely bloated wallets, absurdly overpriced tickets, too many players being screwed over…fuck it. I’m done. It’s truly sad, because there’s a splendid once-in-a-lifetime two-way baseballist, Shohei Ohtani, and I’m gonna miss his career.

I gave up on horse racing again, after the heartbreaking debacle at Churchill Downs. Racehorses don’t die like that anywhere else in the world. Nowhere else in the world are racehorses allowed to run while on medications. The trainers are responsible, and need doing for abuse.

fifa’s multitudinous misdeeds and blatant, copious corruption are as plain as the plainest plain thing you’ve ever plainly seen. As for their lying re: the ahem greenness of the qataris’ fiasco-ridden WC,

Given the evidence, I find it imposs not to conclude that all pro sports, and far too many amateur ones, are rigged one way or…all of them. I’ll stick to equestrian sports like polo and show jumping, until I have reason to also give up on them. :frowning:


Exactly. Over 60% of Qatar’s GDP and 70% of government revenue are based on fossil fuels. Even if they really wanted to host a carbon-neutral event it would be like trying to host a sugar-free event in Candyland.



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