Film about Austin's psychedelic history


Amazon only has a couple resellers that look to have no direct connection to the film and are selling way higher than msrp.

Might I instead recommend buying direct from dirtroadtopsych(dot)com, or from one one of the wonderful local happy-mutant-friendly independent record shops that carry it? Direct purchase from official site is only $23/$26 (US/INTL), shipped.

“Also available at Waterloo Records, Antone’s Records, End of an Ear Records, Wild About Music, Oat Willies in Austin. Jackpot Records in Portland, OR and GetHip Records in Pittsburg, PA.” (

PS: [No affiliation, just a fan] AustinPsychFest is totally worth checking out, or checking out again if you gave it up after one of the very crowded smaller venue and alley years. The line-ups are phenomenal, the new venue & stages are excellent, the tickets are affordable, and there is on site weekend camping. Bonus: 3 days, 0 minutes in restroom lines - there were that many port-a-pottys, and they were clean and not at all…full. I think PsychFest had more of them on site than ACL did last year ;!).

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