Finally, a chainmail bikini you'll want to buy


Hah. Chainmail Bikini reminds me of the old AD&D and Forgotten Realm comics in the late 80s, early 90s. These, IIRC, were really well written and actually FUNNY sometimes. Jan Durasema (who went on to do a lot of Star Wars stuff) and Rags Morales I think were the two main artists.

Anyway, I remember Azure Bonds guest started in the Forgotten Realm comic, and someone commented, “Isn’t your armor rather… drafty?”

“It’s enchanted.”, she replied.

So really I think the blame lies in armor enchanters only enchanting the more sexier armor. I mean stat wise, would you pick the mundane armor that covered everything, or the chain mail bikini that some how gave you +4 against damage and 50% cold protection?

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