Find God with TempleOS, a 64-bit operating system for PCs



And here I was just thinking about how it is entirely possible to be at once brilliant and nuts.


Some highlights for me:

  • It’s got a language like C, C++ but got improvements… called Holy
    C. [rimshot]
  • It’s 640x480, that’s what God said. VGA.

This guy has nailed that sweet spot where he comes off as completely serious, but every once in a while you catch a phrase that hints it’s all an enormous prank. So you’re never quite sure what’s going on.


nope, he’s completely serious and schizophrenic.

for example,

personally, i think it would be awesome if someone forked his OS to include the stuff ‘god’ told him not to, like graphics above 640x480, and sound beyond the PC speaker. but i won’t be doing it.


Does it play any of Ulillillia’s games, or just Israel Trail?

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Well that’s cool, and all but I don;t see how “brilliant” relates? ;}

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Yep. And this OS comes up sometimes on Reddit, and there’s usually a fairly vocal contingent that points out that hey, guys, he’s schizophrenic, he’s serious, it’s sad, we’re making fun of someone with a mental condition, that’s not cool.

And when Reddit tells you to stop making fun of someone, you know it’s serious.

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Or perhaps it’s possible that Rob didn’t actually mean to mock the mentally ill but, like many people here, didn’t realize this was not a work of parody. Because Poe’s Law.

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I thought it might be a good idea for me to throw that out there, before too many other people unknowingly make asses of themselves.

And sometimes it helps to slap 'em with a healthy dose of “you’re being a bag of dicks” to get their attention.


They are ill.

They can be coherent

but other times

I think they were banned for all those comments.

My guess is that they are trying to manage the side effects of their meds by only taking them intermittently. I have had a bad enough time taking SSRIs, I’d hate to have to take powerful anti-psychotics.


Brilliant totally applies in this case. I assume you have not tried writing your own operating system from scratch? Not only did he write his own OS, he wrote his own compiler. This is all non-trivial, and the amount of stuff that he has gotten working is amazing (particularly for what looks like a solo effort). Everything about his UI and content may be largely nonsensical to anyone outside of his head, but this edifice requires a deep understanding of so many different aspects of programming.


It doesn’t take long at all to find some really ugly racism on this guy’s “rants” page. I’m thinking it might be a good idea not to give this son of a bitch any more attention, mentally ill or not.


Um, sorry it is trivial, in that’s part of any competent undergraduate CS curriculum. So, I’ll grant you he’s not an idiot. But, not buying the brilliant.

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Hm. Trolling, I assume? No competent, honest person in history has ever referred to building a functional OS from scratch as “trivial,” and it is certainly not a part of any CS curriculum (undergraduate or otherwise) I’ve ever heard of–there may be one or two, but it’s by no means standard.

So, yes, brilliant and nuts. Or if you want to convince me otherwise, let’s see LexicatOS, hm?


No, not trolling, just expressing an opinion. Sorry if you find my opinion disagreeable.

I suppose it depends on what one means by OS. Toy OSes get built all the time. “Full featured” OSes are built rather less often: it was not at all clear to me that TempleOS fit into the latter category, and, from the video, it looked more like the former.

I dont particularly care about convincing you of that nutjob’s brilliance. Perhaps you would care to convince me that, I don’t know, erm… goats prefer chocolate to, uh… pantyhose? As long as we are on the topic of things I could care less about…

And sorry, not trained in CS, although I have heard more than enough CS undergrads, and post-grads talking about their FS, OS and compiler writing projects to feel quite comfortable with my assertion.

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Ok, so you freely admit you don’t know what he’s talking about. I do this stuff professionally, and have built my own toy OSes and compilers. So yes, I have some idea what he’s put together just at a glance. I don’t expect you to care about that, or for it to change your opinion. I just wanted to note it for the viewers following along at home.

And since it sounds like you’ve been bored to tears by CS majors droning on about their homework, I don’t really care to convince you of anything. So, feel free to reply and have the last word!
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Yeah, you do. Otherwise you wouldn’t have made three posts about it already.

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Sometime back, the programmer appeared on Metafilter to participate in a thread on LoseThos. He actually didn’t get banned, and the thread might be interesting to read:

It’s all running in ring 0 with real = virtual, so he’d lose marks for that. But then he’s only allowing himself 144,000 lines of source code to match the number of souls who will enter heaven on the day of judgement. Considered on its own terms it’s a triumph and fairly wonderful