Find God with TempleOS, a 64-bit operating system for PCs

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Considering how many people are this degree of nuts and completely non-functional, and based upon what the people who know something about CS (not me) say above, yeah, I think he’s brilliant.

Perhaps a racist, certainly a bit unbalanced, but certainly above the regular level of competence to a level I would consider “brilliant” in context.

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I see my insult was removed along with a warning from Falcor. I won’t repeat it for obvious reasons but it’s an insult that has a long and regular history on Boing Boing comments. I think I know what the real issue is there, so OK. I apologize for the insulting way of saying it, but I won’t for the sentiment, because I find it to be an apt description of threads that have to do with religious people, even clearly mentally ill religious people. I also know that there are BB readers who would be ashamed if they later realized they were making fun of someone who was disabled. And I know how some BB readers feel about Reddit and would be a little shamed by the notion that they were behaving worse than Redditors.

I felt the reason for saying that because a lot of the impact of my first message was lost, imho.

So, I guess invoke Wheaton’s Law before you post, and that includes me, because tbh this guy deserves a little pity and compassion if anything. But I see that the thread has had cooler heads prevail…sorta.

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For what it’s worth, a much nastier slur towards mentally ill people by another poster was also removed entirely.

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As I recall, there was once a 64-byte OS for the Atari. Called something like A++. Had to type it in by hand.

eh, it’s one thing to collaborate and write a compiler for class using the standard framework that’s been developed for the course over twenty years. you end up with the same compiler everyone else is writing, and it passes the unit tests and you get your A, and no one ever uses it which is good because it’s horribly inefficient. fine.

it’s another thing to start from scratch with your own design vision, then write your own bare metal bootstrap and compiler, etc.

sure, it’s not a work of genius, but it’s definitely not trivial. brilliant is an apt descriptor, not even counting that he did it while completely insane.


Makes more sense than what I did at work today.

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This guy used to post quite a bit on reddit (don’t think he’s been around in awhile, though), particularly on the subjects of the NWO and various conspiracy theories, and a lot of people assumed he was just a really bizarre troll… but it gradually became clear that he was straight-up mentally ill. Very intelligent, but mentally ill.

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