Finding @aliasMissy_Pants


Who knew our favourite wiener dog sock puppet has a past?

The game’s afoot!



I was here before the BBS even!

Dun dun dun!!


Holy crap the earliest instance I can find of the old me is 2008… and I know I was around before that post, just that was probably the first instance of a shoutout… remember when the authors used to do that? You’d submit a thing through the submitterartor and someone would post it with a “Thanks Missy_Pants!” - ah the good old days.


Our favorite weiner dog has a first name! Is it O-S-C-A-R?



Hahahahahah, oh man the things I was about to REVEAL! hahahah nope!


Of course, they actually said “Thanks, _________”. Just fill in your name for our records.

Now you realize we will never give up, right?


Im really not that interesting. :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: Slight smile


When I saw the topic title I thought it might be a “Where’s Waldo?” kind of thing.

But with looking for dachshunds in the images?


I was going to play, and then I thought “How would I show I arrived at the correct answer without doxxing and violating ToS?”

  • Doxhunt


Masterful punning. I bow to your superiority.


So mysterious!


That’s a fake. I can tell by the lack of hedgehog.




Whut? You rang?

I have no idea who MissyPants is, I know what she is: Pretty fantastic.


It’s a fool’s errand. If we ever got anywhere close to some answers, she’d just go run and hide behind the couch.


it’s all a misdirection ( missydirection? ) anyway. everyone knows she doesn’t wear pants.

trousers? now that’s a different question.


AFAIAC if the poster invites the “doxxing”, who are we to argue. :slight_smile:

I am, of course, abstaining from this easter egg hunt, because I can cheat.


Tallyho! Cry ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the dox of war!


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