Finding Dory meets Toy Story: Tom Hanks and Ellen DeGeneres Pixar-Off as Woody and Dory

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these are two of the best entertainers on the planet.


I wouldn’t even characterize them as “entertainers” really. An entertainer is someone who does some crazy shit regular people can’t do: magicians, jugglers, acrobats, Evel Knievel, The Rock, whoever won The Voice last season. The vein that people like Hanks and DeGeneres mine isn’t superheroes, it’s largely ordinary schmucks like us thrust into difficult situations. Captain Miller is a teacher. Joe (of volcano fame) is a wage slave with a brain cloud. Cast Away guy is a regular dude who survives a plane crash.

I guess I’m talking more about Hanks here, but Ellen also conveys a simpatico just-gettin-by vibe.

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