Get ready! 'Castaway' meets 'WALL-E' with a dash of 'Turner and Hooch'

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It’s nice that the trailer didn’t reveal that all the other humans have turned into zombies.




I hate that trailers have mini trailers in front of them :unamused:


I do not know what to make of this. I’m gonna see it anyway. I like how it sounds as though they took the voice of the actor playing the robot, and made it sound like it was synthesized. Based on the last line, it sounds as though the robot’s voice is gonna be used as an indicator of its development as a character. Regardless of what looks like a CG dog, for some reason, I’m in.



Perhaps it would be better if the name was corrected in the text…


The movie seems alright, it just doesn’t inspire a lot of excitement for me. That’s not to say the movie looks bad, i think it looks decent… but story-wise i can already imagine all of the big beats the movie will go for. Hopefully the movie does more with the setting than i’m expecting.

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Tom Hanks-themed costume parties have been a thing for a while now. It’s hard to think of any other actor who has played so many iconic roles that could be easily recognized with a simple costume or accessory.


As W.C. Fields famously said, “Never work with robots or animals.”

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Roger That!

Frankly, I’m tired of the distinctly American media trope of “one man uses his skills to survive alone as society collapses around them”

I think it says something of the level of social cohesion and robustness of infrastructure that the US doesn’t have, or at least that our culture doesn’t believe we have.

Give me more of “The Postman” or even “Death Stranding”, where the character rebuilds the connections of a fractured civilization, and less “Walking Dead” where every human group is worst than the last.


I far prefer the Polish “Pirx the Pilot” style stories of incompetence.


it’s got Tom Hanks, so i’m-a gonna watch it.

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It’s nice to see Wilson got a body in this one.


I’m not counting or anything, but Johnny Depp probably comes close.

Tom Hanks wins handily however, in the “Not being a horrible person” category.


Kewl. Would this be Mark Zuckerberg’s first co-starring role? Well, Tom Hanks and the dog seem likeable, anyway. :smile:

meh, its just him alone again, how long till he does a movie of him trapped in a lift…

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I am filled with lustful desire for that Miffed Max Motorhome

Just FTR, in case:
There are lot of re-published Lem audio plays on germanophone radio stations, including some downloadable stuff via podcasts, commemorating his centennial. Got no time to hear them now, but saved some for a better time life. Guess there are some Russian, Polish and even English ones as well. No time to search for them.