Firing off 31 cans of Silly String at the same time with Han Solo

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I didn’t see the original sketch but I assume there was some gag in there about who shot first.


Its easy enough to find the monetary cost for 200 cans of silly string, but I wish it were as easy to find out the carbon footprint. The fun factor has to fight the “yuck” factor when I watch this kinda thing.


Sadly, no one said, “Say hello to my little friend.”

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48 pack of silly string for giant silly string gun – $63.99

Expression on Han Solo’s face – priceless

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I guess the carbon footprint of the cannons is even bigger. That will probably be dumped after the show, too. On top of that I don’t find that particularly funny to watch. A rather pedestrian idea, TBH.

Yeap. The thumbnail of the original Jimmy Kimmel clip says “Han shot first”.
But, not really (Jimmy Kimmel shot first). In any case, I guess it was a mix of Han and Indiana; listen to the soundtrack of the original clip:

I thought Alden Ehrenreich was Han Solo now.

Indiana Jones has a history of shooting first also.



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