First Flag Badge twice?


Don’t know if this is a bug or I’m misunderstanding something but I’ve been granted the first flag badge twice, which seems off. I don’t have two of them, but I’ve been alerted on two different occasions that I just got First Flag.


I’m guessing that it just means that you were first to flag a particular post…


We need a “False Flag” badge for when a moderator declines to delete


Interesting. No, you shouldn’t be notified twice. Anything we need to check here @sam?


Is there an Angered A Dragon badge? Or is that more of a psychic injury?


Ya I have been notified several times about a first flag badge.


I made some optimisations yesterday that may have caused this, will review and get it sorted.


I think that I noticed that behavior before yesterday…


Thanks, I know what this is now, will fix Monday.

When people flag spammers the spammers and the flags get deleted causes badges to vanish, will change so this badge is never revoked.


Even for discreditable conduct unbecoming a spam flagger?


That just sounds dirty…


Not if you do it right…


FYI this should be fixed now :slight_smile:


Cool, thanks. Of course now, I’ll have to search for something to flag so I can re-earn that badge!




oooh, kinky


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