Fisherman found 75 pound pearl 10 years ago, just learned its worth $100 million


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He kept it for good luck?

Good luck my ass, his shack burned down!


Lucky for him, or he never would have learned how much the pearl is worth!


Sure, but the story doesn’t tell us how much his shack was worth.


Less than $100 million.


For sure it was lucky his shack burning saved him from his silliness.


He is lucky it wasn’t destroyed in the fire.


That scorpion anti-venin has really gotten expensive!


An appraisal isn’t a sale. I wish him luck selling that thing.



Came for the Steinbeck jokes, stayed for the…wait, why am I still here?


The priceless rock measures a staggering 1ft foot wide and 2.2 feet long

Damn, Barbara Bush is going to throw out her back if she’s not careful.


What do you do with a 75 pound pearl? (sung to the cadence of “what do you do with a drunken sailor”)

Does it make a $100M ashtray, paperweight, or what?


You underestimate the power of a international auction house hyping the sale (for a totally reasonable 20% commission, of course.)


Seems pretty lucky to me.


Exactly. Especially as there’s a whole book with precedent for this sort of thing. Didn’t turn out so good that time.


It will be worth more after he polishes it up with some vinegar.


To die by the fire.

No, wait - this belongs in the Jack London thread, sorry.




You typing only the word “flagged” followed by a period does not even constitute a complete sentence!