Five charged in US with smuggling North Korean 'more than 99 percent pure' meth. Heisenberg weeps




Humm… So that’s why all North Korean Leaders act weird…

Case closed!

Oh, great, for sure the US will now have to invade NK. The US must “win” the War on Some Drugs!

So THAT’s where Jessie ran off to.

As other people have pointed out, the purity isn’t that much of a concern; if it’s stepped on (cut with non-drug substances) too much, then your customers will start going elsewhere if they can find better product (The Wire showed this happening in Season 2), but the scenario that BB went through in the last season in which it was a big deal when the purity level was “only” in the 70% range is not that plausible.

Heisenberg weeps? I’m confused. What does Heisenberg have to … oh. You mean that TV series. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what the physicist had to do with this.


I suspect that depends on where in the distribution chain you are. If you are just doing a little home cookin’ for personal use, you’d prefer to avoid too many overt toxins or pH issues in the final product; but getting all touchy about a few percent here or there isn’t likely.

If you are smuggling something quite illicit indeed (which, thus has to be hidden, and for which you may be charged by total weight, rather than only the percentage that is a scheduled substance, not any impurities or cutting agents) and you plan to cut and then distribute once over the border, purity would directly affect efficiency and profit. The acceptable target purity at the point of retail may be the same; but if you only have so much room under the crates in the back of that shipping container, or inside your drug mule, or whatever, lower purity levels mean smaller amounts of retail product.

(The same logic likely comes into play in intensive pot grow-ops: if it were unregulated, lazy outdoor cultivation of mediocre product would be an adequate strategy. If you have to hide it inside a house, or a secret underground cave lair, or something like that, every square foot needs to pay the rent, plus legal exposure, or you might as well give up.)

Sonchai Jitpleecheep laughs at your so-called reality.

At least no one got bit in the eye by a cobra.

Well, the purity is probably just for smuggling anyway. It’ll likely be stepped on a few times before it reaches consumers.

That being said, if it reaches 99% pure at manufacturing, then there’s only 1% of the total mass that’s likely to be harmful byproducts of the production process. Whatever the middle men step on it with, I’d expect they’d choose something cheap and easily obtainable without arousing suspicion. Supposing baking soda were a suitable substance - I wouldn’t worry too much about consuming some of that, compared to residues of solvents, heavy metals, or heaven knows what is involved in manufacturing.

Heisenberg was actually capable of producing meth that was at at least 99.1% purity. Gale says it might be higher but that’s a high as he could measure. Jesse’s meth was a little over 96%.

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49.5% iff they are right.

Heisenberg joined the Nazi party, thinking that it was for the greater good of his nation. He was very involved, and actually offered Hitler to build the atomic bomb, a project he would later lead.

This is what makes Walt’s alias so apt - a genius doing terrible things to others so he can save his kin.

never read. how is the atmospheric feel of the novels linked to?

Try this

Read them all.

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thanks! will do when i find the time or them used.

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