Five members of the u.s. supreme court are monstrous

namely chief justice roberts, and associate justices alito, gorsuch, kavanaugh, and thomas. they ruled in a two sentence decision that an intellectually disabled prisoner was to be executed by the “chemical equivalent to being burned at the stake” because the prisoner, who had a first grade reading level, was unable to parse out the form which would have allowed them to select a less painful mode of execution (nitrogen hypoxia) which was written in legal jargon and required an 11th grade reading level to understand.

for more information read here-- The Supreme Court’s new death penalty order should make your skin crawl - Vox

for associate justice kagan’s dissent read here--

i am, yet again, shamed to be a citizen of the united states. given that three out of three democratically appointed justices voted to oppose this order while five out of six republican appointed justices voted in favor of it i say to all who wish to contend that both u.s. parties are equally bad: bullshit!


Only five?


All of them save Gorsuch purport to be devout Catholics. And should denounce both the death penalty and holding intellectually impaired people being covered under it.

Where’s the drumbeat from conservative Catholic organizations to have them denied the sacrament of communion? To be excommunicated?


I always assumed Catholics were more opposed to the death penalty than to abortion. Yet every time in my lifetime that I’ve thought would be a great opportunity for Catholic activists to speak out against the death penalty, I’ve heard nothing but crickets from the clergy and from the so called “conservative” Catholics. Gee, it’s almost as if religion has no bearing on moral consistency at all.


perhaps i should have added the disclaimer “in this case” but i thought my topic title was getting a bit wordy already.


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I think many are. But there is a not insignificant conservative strain who joined with the protestant pro-life movement because they felt it brought them closer to the mainstream and would protect them from some of the historical anti-Catholicism that’s been prevalent from some quarters in the US.


I’ve also noticed some evangelicals converting to Catholicism. Presumably that’s due to faith rather than some plan of entryism by Seven Mountain Dominionists.


Just more organized and more well funded opportunities.


They like the central authoritarianism.


Thanks. Again. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve looked at events and thought “WTF is going on with that???” and you’ve provided perspective and knowledge. One of the reasons I keep coming back here.


To anticipate our conclusions just briefly, we believe that Catholic judges (if they are faithful to the teaching of their church) are morally precluded from enforcing the death penalty.

Amy Coney Barrett, 1998


I’d never thought of that, but it totally makes sense


I don’t know… should be the default assumption…

Pretty much that’s all the vocal elements who’ve been unhappy with the current Pope and have been whinging about Biden and communion. I suspect that there is also a lot of cross over between them and the people who participated in the cover up of abuse.


Not nearly as radical as people say he is, but IMO a pretty fair representation of Catholicism.

Fuck all of those people. Not just because of the cover up, but because the Venn diagram of those people and the opposition to gay rights is practically a circle. They know exactly what they’re doing.


Also in that circle:

Its not like they don’t know who stands to die in the greatest numbers by the death penalty in this country. They know.


The wild part of that is that the KKK and other white supremacist groups used to actively target Catholics… But then again, Slavic people used to be considered lesser than by white supremacists (see, the Nazis) and are now considered the standard bearers of white supremacy.


I have a weird little window into this kind of thinking since my grandfather was a deeply racist and antisemitic Polish Catholic whose family fled Poland sometime before WW2, fiercely denied child abuse in the church despite clear indications of having PTSD after being abused in the church himself as a vulnerable immigrant child, and for the coup-de-grace turns out he was secretly genetically Jewish.

I guess some people take all the wrong lessons from life.


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i have a couple of relatives who used to tell “polish jokes” and “bohunk jokes” back in the day (coincidentally, they started telling those when people started being offended by, or at least pretended to be offended by, “n****r jokes”). these days you can’t talk to them for more than five minutes before they start telling me about viktor orban, the great things his government is doing in hungary, and how we need leadership like his more than ever. they also are prone to talking about how good trump was and what a shame it is that the “democrat party” stole the election from him. needless to say, i keep away from them as much as possible but even in the time of covid there are occasions where i find myself in their presence.


Thanks, Tucker! /s