Five times as many visitors caught bringing concealed guns into Disney World last year

Originally published at: Five times as many visitors caught bringing concealed guns into Disney World last year | Boing Boing


By political unrest?!

How about by rightwing divide and conquer strategies that provoke fear of black and brown people? And by gun manufacturers, who love those sweet, sweet profits?


“No, arsehole, just because our Jungle Cruise guides no longer shoot the hippos it isn’t an invitation for you to do so.”

Ammosexuals are definitely a “special” type of American. Here you have a theme park filled with shooting galleries and selling all manner of toy weapons, and it’s just not enough for these insecure and paranoid sad sacks.


While we’re at it, can we also talk about the other half of that statement, too?
“…spawned by the pandemc…”

So…are they planning to shoot anyone who demands they wear a mask? Anyone who tries to take the last roll of toilet paper? Coronavirus itself?


Finally, a truly practical use for all those damn guns!


I am not sure how “States and municipalities shall have the right to maintain armed militias to quash slave rebellions” morphed into “every wannabe cowboy asshole shall have the right to live out his paranoid fantasies by wearing a gun on his hip”, but here we are.

I’m definitely not vouching for either position.


Well, here is a very nice representation of the virus itself (from SciAm):

it’s quite well made and informative.
Now we need to take those guys by the hand, and gently tell them that no you cannot shoot it, bullets are of no use here.
They’ll be shocked, but who knows, sooner or later the idea will percolate through their craniums. One can hope.


Guns on rollercoasters, what could go wrong?


…and they can fire them at tornadoes, hurricanes, and volcanoes, too.



Yes but it is obvious that the rise in murder rates is because of BLM. /s


The people below should be careful. Between the barf and the falling guns, it won’t be a nice place.


“If you don’t know where it is all the time, should you really even have a gun?” said Len Testa, co-author of “The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World.” “That just seems like one of the responsible things to gun ownership: To know where it is all the time.”

Thought I’d highlight this quote from the article. A lot of people use the excuse “Oops! I completely forgot that I hid a pistol and several magazines inside this baby stroller where I didn’t think you’d look. Honest!” I’d be willing to bet money that every single one of these people uses the phrase “responsible gun owner” to describe themselves. Honestly, “I forgot I had it” should be immediate grounds for confiscation. If you don’t know A) where your gun is, and B) where you’re allowed or not allowed to bring it, you aren’t responsible enough to own it.


Can you blame them, I heard that place is infested with gigantic mice, some as big as a human, and they even walk around on their hind legs


I hear that the Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride went to Hell, and is now a NO-GO area.


We laugh, but it’s not going to be funny when they miss one, and some hot, sweaty, irritable goon decides that someone has “disrespected” him or jumped line or something, and starts shooting.

Can’t read the article. Does it have attendance numbers for 2020 and thus far 2021?

The number arrested went from four to twenty, despite the Covid pandemic sharply reducing overall attendance.

I like how the headline makes it sound like a big huge number and it was 20. Out of like ~21 million visitors a year.

Though I suspect if the numbers are way down, it is going to make spotting people easier. You have less people to look at, you can look at more people longer and spot things. I carried a pocket knife all week though the various parks, before someone on the last day noticed it and made me lock it up. I didn’t know pocket knives weren’t allowed. :confused:

Still, if a business posts “no weapons”, then leave it at home, or don’t go there.

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I’m not laughing; there is no ‘we’ here.


Come get blown away at the Magic Kingdom-come


What kind of a douchebag takes a gun to an amusement parK?

These people are seriously fucking broken. Horribly, terribly, utterly…broken.