Flatulence lends a hand at the Grand Slam of Darts


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Could the culprit be…haggis?


A man may break a word with you, sir; and words are but wind;
Ay, and break it in your face, so he break it not behind.

William Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors : Act 3, Scene 1


The Fart War continues…



Coincidentally, if you order a Grand Slam at Denny’s… :thinking:


A fierce wind was blowing out yonder.


He who denied it supplied it.



Must be the bur.

Fff. Oo. Rrpr.

Nations of the earth. No-one behind. She’s passed. Then and not till then. Tram. Kran, kran, kran. Good oppor. Coming. Krandlkrankran. I’m sure it’s the burgund. Yes. One, two. Let my epitaph be. Karaaaaaaa. Written. I have.



James Joyce’s Ulysses, Sirens

(P.S. anyone know how to do paragraph breaks inside a quote? Always breaks it for me)


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