Fleetwood Mac, now with Christine McVie again!


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Yo David, I’m really happy for you, Imma let you finish but Peter Frampton had one of the best “Midnight Special” performances of all time… Of all time!

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They can woo me until the sun comes up!


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Pesco, I will play that youtube clip every time you post it. They’ll need telling again soon.

Can I ask a stupid question? Yes, that’s a dumb question itself but…

I’ve noted that some singers get so close to the microphone that their lips touch the (in this case) metal of the device–are those things ever cleaned?

Having spent a goodly portion of my late teens and early twenties in the bars of middle Georgia (a cultural meccha yall!), Frampton Comes Alive is etched into my skull just below (and I am now resisting the gag reflex) Garth Brooks’ “Thunder Rolls”.

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Stevie’s eyes seemed very dilated. I suppose it must have been very dim up on stage.


Todd Glass has whole chunks on this in reference to mics at comedy clubs, which are apparently the baseball-stadium-trough-urinals of the microphone world.

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Has any comic ever gone up onstage, wrapped a Kleenex around the ball of the SM58, and riffed for a couple of minutes about why?

Somebody must have.

I’m not going to go see them until they bring back Peter Green and Jeremy Spencer!

Looks like all Stevie to me. Only see Christine for a minute there.

That being said, I remember watching that episode & lusting for Stevie Nicks.

Stevie Nicks had heart. Christine McVie had soul.

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