I love the guitar lick in Peter Frampton's "I Want It Back"

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Looks like all the dads got to see the concert and left the kids at home…


That’s a good song.

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weird boingboing post is weird


Right? And where were the women? All I could see was a sea of old dudes…

I wooda been there too… saw him at Sacramento memorial Auditorium in 1973…been a fan ever since. … wore out my Frampton comes alive album, 8track And Cassette! Now its odd CD and my file server…love it!

Minor gripe— when PF was in his solo, that beautiful solo sounded SO Great!!.. but.
…we couldn’t SEE HIS HANDS PLAYING… why are cameras on the rhythm guitar, bassist.,cut to drummer… whos calling the camera shots here, who’s Directing the show??dont get me wrong, but when someone is soloing, focus on what is going on!

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Is he reading a teleprompter? Is that a thing in music?

Has been for years. Axl Rose and Ozzy Osbourne are infamous for their use of them.

Was a big fan of Humble Pie and his guitar work in high school, but his solo stuff in the '70s was just absolute romanticrap, IMHO. Frampton Comes Alive was unlistenable, again in my opinion. I’m in You makes me want to hurl.

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