Flight crew member smuggles 9 pounds of cocaine worth $160K in his pants


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There’s a better way



So a bag broke and they noticed the trail behind him?
He said, “Don’t check my pants”?


Snagged at JFK, huh?

And the local trust fund babies thought they’d “get well” this weekend.


Fly Jamaica

Yes, I will.


This needs a commercial:

Get high with me!
Get high!
Get high!
Get high!


I thought he was just happy to see the U.S.


An immigrant gaming the system for three square meals a day all on the government’s dime. Sickens me how welfare works for these immigrants.

Yes, sarcasm.


This is why we need to build a wall! Oh wait…



Cocaine is only $17800 a pound these days? Time to stock up!

[originally left off a 0, BTW]


Came here for this. Not disappointed.


9/160000=17777 lb or 1111 oz.



What a dumbshit. Did this poor fool think maybe this was a brand new idea that’s never been tried? Darwin wrote about this kind of thing.


Mr. Hugh Hall, a citizen of Jamaica, and crew member of Fly Jamaica Airways arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport from Montego Bay, Jamaica and presented himself for inspection.

Eagle eyed and ever alert CBP agents immediately ascertained Mr. Hugh was black and

Mr. Hugh was escorted to a private search room


THANK YOU! I started thinking Spinal Tap before I even got a good start on the article!


Hey, they overlook 95% of guns. Gotta brag when they can, yknow?


I’m pretty sure that’s TSA. CBP is a completely different agency.


My main regret with these kinds of stories is that we rarely hear about the people that pull it off.