Floor-mat tycoon buys world's most expensive car - a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO for $70 million


Those are beautiful cars.


Thanks, I was not familiar with that one. Thomas Dolby is great.

(Though the scene in the Cagney movie, with Cagney and Cara Williams dancing through the car showroom and singing about the cars, is one of the best things ever. Too bad all the videos of the song are blocked.)


I have a pair of heavy-duty zircon-encrusted tweezers that I’m not using anymore, if you’re innarested


Let’s hope he can still afford new floor mats so he can keep the carpet clean.

Seriously though I’ve often wondered if this type of purchase isn’t another vehicle* rich people use to move money around. Was this transaction really about the car?

*Did you see what I did there?


Where had I seen that name before? Oh yes, he donated $1M to the Trump campaign, and is now complaining that he’s getting what he asked paid for. Then he turns around and buys not just any old Ferrari, but one of the most expensive ones ever?


I can reliably find 50 cents under mine at any given time, but seriously!


I was wrong. Floor mat guy has bad taste. Really bad taste.



“Does it travel back and forth in time?”

No… but anyone riding in it could imagine they’re back in the 60s!



I can already do that, for free; my imagination is great…

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