Florida cop jails his 3-year-old boy for "having difficulties" with potty training

Originally published at: Florida cop reportedly jails his 3-year-old for "having difficulties" with potty training | Boing Boing


The cops are outraged they’re being investigated:

Later, on the hourlong body-cam footage, most of which contained scrambled video, Long could be heard calling the investigation “insane,” while Schoenbrod responded: “It’s just disgusting that somebody would drag our family through the mud like this.”


We can only hope for the following outcome, but then as now one thing is certain: the father is an abusive arsehole.

when Alfred Hitchcock was five, his father sent him to a police station with a note. The policeman read the note and locked him in jail for few minutes, saying “this is what we do to naughty boys”. This experience left him with lifelong fear of policemen.

…which translated into cinematic masterpieces of suspense and paranoia.


When they treat their own children inhumanely, imagine how they treat people they see as “scum”.


The things that happen to us in those early years are the things that end up making us who we ultimately are.

Good job, dad, for giving your son a lifetime of bathroom-related psychological problems


When I read a story like this all I think is ACAB.



What the actual fuck is wrong with these people?! They should not be parents. I hope CPS is involved. I hope those boys have some actual loving relatives to take them in. I hope whomever takes the boys gets them both therapy. Locking a child in jail, for any reason, is horrendous. Doing it for potty training problems is even worse. Chances are, the kid cannot help it. Issues with using the toilet are rarely based on defiance. Three years old is not outside the realm of usual for potty training issues. Punitive measures do not work with potty training. Only causes problems. An inability for a child to tell when they need to poop is a medical issue their pediatrician needs to explore. If these monsters allow a mandated reporter like a pediatrician to see these children.

Exactly. And even more important, how are they treating the children they are interacting with as cops? At least most adults are capable of advocating for themselves.

I am very afraid this little boy and his sibling(s) are going to have many many issues. Treating a child like this, and admitting he did something similar to a second, indicates systemic abuse.


Yes, by all damn means, investigate and jail these two cops. But what the hell were the other cops doing?

“Hey, Sarge, I’m gonna stick my three-year-old in the county lockup overnight.”
“Sure, guys, sounds great, I’ll bang on the bars all night to terrify him, okay?”

That’s not two cops who need to be investigated for child abuse but a whole goddamn police department.


Damn, sooooo close, but no cigar.


They are authoritarians… :woman_shrugging: They believe in deference to authority at all time.


It’s beginning to seem like one of the criteria that should be adopted for preventing people from becoming cops is “has interest in being a cop.”


I’m sure they’ll blame their children somehow.


So long as they’re the ones wielding the authority, anyway. They never seem to say, “Oh, we’re being investigated? Well, they have that authority so I suppose we should help them in any way we can.”


The guy who replied and the gentleman in this post should not have kid, period. If they can’t be responsible for one like an adult, they shouldn’t have one.


I’m not a parent, but this was the first thought that I had when I saw this.

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This shit brings me back to every single time I have to talk parents through toilet training and get them to let go of the “I am in control, I will make you do this” thinking, because it does not work and only leads to trouble later. This is straight up child abuse, no questions asked. Nothing will happen, because cops, but DAMN I feel for this poor kid.


My bet is: he’ll get a promotion, and she’ll be fired and told to be a stay-at-home mom.

That’s how you get two birds with one stone.


“Until I’m a cop, like dad.”

This is also why most potty training books suck. Honestly, I’ve never seen one that doesn’t. They all seem to assume that if you follow procedures A to Z, “success” is assured. They never take into account the varying needs and growth of individuals, their pace of growth or the reality that some kids will never even be able to fully control their pee-pee poo-poos. One of the best things a parent can realize is that this little one is an entire human being and just as weird and unpredictable as you are. Give ‘em a break.


Hadn’t seen the wisdom that it was their -own- child, as it were. This can only end in butt toy stores for toddlers and arming police with koosh balls and flushable sanitary items, and Court Diversions to meditation potty sessions. I’m sorry Captain Sir I just had the Peaceful Interior keyfob out and gave him the fob! It won’t happen again I only have Peaceful Exterior keyfobs.