Florida cops use AI to target people for a new "enhanced scrutiny" program

Defenestrate the Police.


Indeed, “Guilty by thought, guilty by word, guilty by deed.”, only, in this case, it isn’t even the prisoner’s own thoughts, words and deeds, but those of the police.


mum had a home on a nice piece of land with deer, fox, tortoises, very old oak trees and quite idyllic in Pasco County for 25 years. very rural, but also many developments where retirees wall themselves into gated communities. further west in Pasco, you’d find low income, depressed communities like New Port Ritchie, where even the mayor was a criminal who had to be removed from office.
this news comes as absolutely no surprise, as I believe the entire county ‘leadership’ from the commissioners on down are corrupt to the core. that this nazi/stassi type bullshit sits in the sheriff’s office just does not surprise me at all. that said, the content and wording of that letter is frankly shocking - not that shocked - to me.


Probably what is most egregious about the Sheriff’s department running this program is the county government doesn’t seem to mind it one bit. I guess their lawyers figure they have enough taxpayer money and insurance to cover the eventual costly lawsuit.


Strange thing the AI keeps showing these cops violating peoples civil liberty’s. Shall we deploy the swat team? Anybody? Bueler?


In line with the AI angle, this sure sounds a lot like something GLaDOS would say.


The thing about it is that victims of abuse probably are more likely to commit abuse later in life. There is good reason to want to have a proactive response to this to try to avert the cycle of abuse.

The police are not the right tool for the job. They are hardly ever the right tool for the job.

If a county were saying, we are sending out extra welfare workers and social workers to parts of the community where AI is letting us know that they can be of extra benefit, I don’t know that I’d have a problem with the retrospective surveillance. If they were saying, we are trying to find the kids who are most likely to drop out of high school based on their grades and their living locations and we are going to pay them to continue attending school and getting passing grades, I would think that a positive.

On the other hand, a policy of “we think you might turn out to be a criminal so we are going to start treating you like a criminal” seems like its only goal is to have self-fulfilling prophesy, to reinforce the cycles of abuse and incarceration.

Defund the police.

Fund social workers.


How hard is it to convene a court on operational security for this? My sensibilities say that I’d need their help deciding if putting a space program into the police presence within 500 yards of municipal facilities was throwing too much money at the problem. Or just liquid oxygen, really. Maybe just mushroom identification and the like vape shops.

?> X would be fine with this.

X better sell its guns for cash. Bill’s coming.

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Why not both?

In this case, AI = crystalized prejudice.


Looks like we better lock the police up.


Fully Automated Heuristic Bigotry. It is the future.


It would probably “surprise” you all to learn that AI is also often super racist.

Relevant to this story:

All this ends up being is your typical racist profiling but with enough of a level of abstraction to say, “it’s the machine’s fault!”.


Isn’t this pretty much the definition of a Police State?


We know how Trump got around the grade thing.


Isn’t Florida a Stand Your Ground state?

How long after a cop gets shot in the middle of the night in on of these raids will this program end? And why hasn’t one of these late night visits ended in a hail of shotgun shells after waking an armed citizen?

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C’mon white hat hackers!


Oh, but it’s done within the framework of a “democracy,” wherein local politicians require the money and backing of law enforcement “unions” to get elected, so it’s totally different!


technically, no. because they aren’t charging you with anything because of your association. instead, they simply find existing crimes and violations on the book they can charge you with.

often, im sure, done hand in hand with the mayor’s office who helps get fee based restrictions on where you can park your car outside your home, how tall your grass is, etc.

then those fees go to the nice white part of town, probably where the only polling places are: and the mayor gets elected again and again, basically for life.

it is harassment, but who’s going to charge the cops for doing their job and making the city a ton of money?


the pasco sheriff’s motto is:

“we fight as one”


well, at least they don’t try to hide the fact they are actual fascists


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