Florida deputies in shootout with 12- and 14-year-old children who ran away from religious foster home. Sheriff says pair are "evil"

Right? The Sheriff says

Except this didn’t happen in the street. It happened in someone’s home because that person decided to collect military-grade weaponry and couldn’t even be bothered to store it securely.

If kids broke into someone’s house and found a basket filled with grenades people would be asking “Why the hell would anyone feel a need to keep GRENADES in their home, and what kind of idiot would leave such a dangerous thing sitting out unsecured??”


I hope they got the memo that the pins should be stored separately.


14\10, would break in again. /s

I fear you overestimate the current level of discourse in our country. :cry:


not only in a house surrounded by guns, but then surrounded by people with guns who wanted to drag them back to whatever place they wanted to escape from. at an age where consequences for actions is only sort of somewhat there, even less if you’ve lived through trauma

and there are still people who will argue that guns are neutral tools. ugh.

the random “these kids” made me think that too. the article had me thinking maybe not though. because the sheriff said this too

He said facilities like FUMCH [ Florida United Methodist Children’s Home ] aren’t equipped to handle some of these children. He also noted that a security guard was beaten to death there earlier this year. He called the home “a complete failure,” adding that deputies have been called there 289 times in the past year.

so he might specifically be talking about the religious foster/group home


have no fear, Gov. MoRon is already working on it right now.
expect an executive order out of Tallahassee any day now.


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Desperately looking for a hero in this story…only finding villains and victims.


Bedizel added that he thinks the suspects thought a deputy lived in the home because he has a sheriff’s star hanging from a window. He said the star was given to him in the 1990s when he saved a Brevard County deputy.

Bedizel said his guns were hidden and the magazines and ammo were in separate drawers so the children accused of breaking in had to search his home to find it all.

At any rate, the kids found the guns and ammo, and that’s just not secure enough.


“How did those kids beat my foolproof security plan of putting things in different unlocked drawers?!”

Must be one of that majority of responsible gun owners we’re always told about.


Most exciting Easter, EVER! /s


Interesting, if they had time to search then it’s possible he physically separated ammo and firearms so that’s fair. But he missed rule #1 which is locking, which all other storage safety hangs on. E.g. even a shotgun in plain sight is mostly unusable unless there’s free ammo around and the weapon is both loadable and maneuverable. In ideal cases both of the latter points are rendered moot by a lock, at minimum one of them.

If you can afford a firearm for $100’s to $1000’s of dollars, you can afford a decent $15 cable lock to fix this, ffs.


Oh, but you see, the ammosexuals will always cry crocodile tears about how things like mandatory locks and liability insurance that encourages their use will prevent poor people and PoC from enjoying their Second Amendment rights.


Yeah. Anytime the rallying call against safety or environmental requirements is the cost I’m immediately suspicious. I’m not drawing a connection between fishing and firearms, but remembering when our state tried to make lead sinkers illegal due to all the loon deaths.


Go easy on the outrage against "Hellhole Jesus-for-profit foster homes. " when you don’t know the actual conditions.
Railing against poor theology or bad conditions is one thing, outrage-without-basis-in-fact is just bad form.

Did you read the article?

He also noted that a security guard was beaten to death there earlier this year. He called the home “a complete failure,” adding that deputies have been called there 289 times in the past year.

Sounds nice. /s


Well, we do know that whatever the circumstances may be, it was bad enough that the minors in question not only ran away, they were willing to engage in a firefight with LEOS rather than go back.

That does not indicate a happy, healthy environment…


‘Something’s not right here’
No shit - a couple children could get easy access to an arsenal. That’s the problem, period.

" these kids are killers"

Wait, who did they kill? No one? Who did they shoot? No one? I’m confused, who exactly is “the killer,” here?

"The brainiacs in Tallahassee, they want to do this restorative justice stuff. "

No, no, you’re right - let’s let the victims of crimes do whatever they want to the perpetrators, let’s have harsh punishments that don’t fit the crime, etc. I mean, I’m sure Florida police never abuse or kill anyone, so it won’t be a problem for you, right?

This hardened young criminal egregiously consorted with puppies with intent to frolic! Pure evil!

So the person most directly responsible for this shitshow ain’t gonna get in any trouble at all, in other words.

Oh, hidden, well, that’s okay then. He didn’t have them unlocked and on prominent display, he just stuck them in a drawer somewhere.

But if you lock them up, you can’t instantly whip out your guns the second someone sets foot on your property to defend your home (the imaginary scenario they use to justify having an armory).


Our child services here has (at least used to have) a 3 strikes policy, whereby a parent getting 3 citations has their child taken away. As one of my single mom friends found out the hard way - having been raised by child services counts as a first strike according to their system.


My time in foster care was in New Jersey, late 60’s - early 70’s. After I came home from the last home, I had a travel bag ready at the foot of my bed to run, and at 16 I did that very thing. Never been back. Fuck them all to hell, the Judges, the system, Child Services, the foster families.


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