Florida high school coach arrested for alleged sexual relationship with 15-year-old student

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But trans girls are the REAL threat to cis teen girls! /s

I bet he voted republican, the party of child rape.


Only arrested? Thank goodness he wasn’t trying to teach black history!


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A sexual relationship with a 15-year-old student is called “rape”. There, I just cut your headline in half.


Yep. I guess the GOP thinks that if they keep the red hats all het up over drag shows, story hours and trans athletes, maybe they won’t notice that their own kids are in crisis?

trigger warning

Some bullet points:
  • 15% of teen girls report having been raped, a 27% increase over 2 years. I’d bet on that being an undercount.
  • 60% of teen girls report feeling persistently sad and hopeless
  • 1 in 3 high school girls have considered suicide and 13% have attempted suicide in the past year
  • unsurprisingly, the numbers are worse for LGBTQ+ kids, 22% of whom have attempted suicide in the past year, though the article doesn’t unpack that by gender and the survey entirely neglected to inquire about gender identity. More trans-erasure; we can’t help those we don’t count. The CDC says they will start asking about gender identity next year, but i’m not holding my breath.
  • also unsurprisingly, the numbers are lots worse for minority kids


I’m inclined to believe the crisis is a manifestation of the backlash to women standing up and demanding change, but I’m not an expert. Vox covered it better than I can:

That culture of violence has to change, and if it can’t be changed, it has to be burned down and replaced. Our politicians need to do better. Our faith leaders need to do better. Men, we need to do better. Think of your fucking children, why don’t you.

(Sorry @Mindysan33, that wasn’t aimed at you. Started in one place, ended somewhere else.)


No worries!

But I’d would argue that there are multiple targets here in these campaigns. There was a school district in FL that wanted to keep track of girl’s periods. It failed, but I believe it was both an attempt to keep out trans girls, and an attempt to get all girls out of sports, since they can’t attack title 9 directly, since it’s so popular.

I do think the me to backlash was part of this, but it’s a much wider attempt at disciplining people who refuse to be bound by a particular set of gender norms. This is why the far right is so hysterical over trans people and drag shows - because there is little that shows just how false the gender binary actually is. That and cis women demanding equal rights.


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