Florida man dies in bedroom from exploding e-cigarette


OH hey, I am not saying I understand it any better… but weird hobbies should be a BB staple.

Soooo would I be a jerk to point out you are breathing the same Oxygen atoms from Hitler, and drinking the same water molecules from dinosaur piss?


People Magazine reported that he died using a barrel style e-cig which is comprised of a metal cylinder and 18650 battery. This is the same kind I used about 5 years back when I was a vaper. Those batteries are very dangerous. I recall there being many cases of 18650 batteries exploding in peoples pants. Those are common rechargeable batteries but they were never intended to be charged outside of whatever electronic device they are placed into and unfortunately that’s how vapers use them. The batteries are so powerful that you can go a whole day on one charge, hence their popularity. Plus there are lots of fake Chinese 18650 batteries on the market rebranded as Panasonics or Samsung.


Not really… I mean it’s my neurosis if anyone knows how absurd it is it would be the person who lives within its constraints, right. Not so much a jerk as one who doesn’t recognize a futile effort easily. Unless you were trying to be a jerk, in which case don’t let me and my apathy get in the way of a self-made man!


I’m all for weird hobbies of course, just not as much of a fan of hobbies that include making clouds of smoke bigger just to annoy others/claim their “territory” in public spaces. Why have hobbies that make others day less enjoyable.



I… “vape hard”? “Advanced vaping lesson”? The fuck?


soo. . . basically rolling coal. But with your fragile human lungs. Hard pass.

I watched about 30 seconds of that video, and I honestly can’t tell if it’s satire or for real




I hope they didn’t buy it from the BB Store.


Smoking/vaping, much like golf isn’t a hobby. It’s an activity.


I’d rather that than cigarette smoke any day.


They probably would. BoingBoing gets really vicious about people who have the wrong interests. See any thread about chain restaurants, outdoor festivals, or electronic gadgets.


Don’t even think about tabs vs. spaces.


Classic MIB coverup of a botched alien abduction and brain implant surgery. Nothing to see here folks, move along.


I’d rather people would stop farting in small, enclosed spaces like elevators.

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