Florida mom tried to sell daughter for $500

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Although it would easy, and even tempting to some, to heap ridicule and blame on this woman, I can only feel sadness and sympathy about whatever she must have been going through.


What’s with these weird Trump-style mugshots? Over here, when the police take your photograph, they make you look straight into the camera.


What a sad event. I hope that mother and baby are okay going forward.


If she was offering to sell her child for $500, then pretty much any bond may as well be infinity. I get why they have to make a show of offering one, but seriously, everyone knows it’s not even performative.


I don’t get why they have to make a show of offering bond. Either she’s too dangerous to be released before trial or she isn’t; the money shouldn’t really figure into it.

The cash bail system is messed up.


This story breaks my heart. :disappointed:


At least the person who was offered the child didn’t just hand over the cash and take the kid-even bad foster homes have some oversight. It would be nice if the response had been some kind of help for the mom, instead of jail.


Seems like the kid would be better off without her. Why persue judgement? How will that help the child?

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Yeah. And in this case, who is she really a danger to anymore?
It’s such a sad story, as others already said.
And to your point about our unfair cash bail system, one of its added unfortunate side effects is that people equate the level of bail with the “immorality” of the offender. So the fact that a confirmed violent domestic abuser gets out on $25k bail while this poor desperate woman is held on 10x that kind of shows our society’s values.
(For the record, in case it needs to be stated: not at all in favor of people selling their children, obvs, but I don’t think that’s what was happening here, not like in the typical notion people have about human trafficking.)


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