Florida Supreme Court allows 6-week abortion ban to go into effect, gives voters chance to overturn it this november

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Make Florida a Blue State Again



If voting was pointless, they wouldn’t put so much time and money into preventing you from doing so or convincing you not to bother.

Not to mention the resources and effort that the Xtianists will pour into misrepresenting the intent and outcomes of the referendum question. Californians who think that their ballot proposition campaigns are a nightmare are about to be shown by Florida Republicans that it can be so much worse.


Although there’s respectable data that the 60% is there in Florida, yet it may be close and you just know the dirty tricks governor and legislature will be in full swing to defraud the vote count -sigh-. Always have to get out the vote - but especially so for this cause of basic human rights.


Excellent motivation for women and progressives to get to the polls. Have to think the fascists are not happy about this. Which makes me happy.


So, if the six week ban is now in effect and could be lifted sometime after election day… Then women needing care between now and then are f**ked. :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


The question isn’t whether the amendment will pass, I’m fairly sure that it will. The real question is how will the MAGA state legislature try to ratfuck the implementation of it, just like they did the Voting Rights for Felons and the Pot Legalization amendments which also passed.




I wonder if President Biden or the Secretary of State should invite UN election observers to observe both the presidential election as well as certain (Florida, Texas) state and local elections. I believe it would have to be one of those two officials based on the description here:

Requests for electoral assistance can be made by the head of government or the minister of foreign affairs of the UN Member State. In some circumstances, requests from other entities such as a ministry involved in the planning and implementation of the election or the electoral commission may also be considered as acceptable. Requests for electoral assistance made by groups within the legislature, political parties, civil society or other entities cannot be accepted. Requests for electoral assistance must be made by an organ of the Member State authorized to bind the state in agreements with the UN. National electoral management bodies do not normally have this authority, but their requests may be acceptable if we have Member State consent.

The rationale for such a request could be “Since Donald Trump has claimed repeatedly that the last election was flawed, I’ve decided to invite in observers who are completely outside our political system to assess and report on the fairness of this election.”

Sure, Republicans could (and would) complain, but according to the National Conference of State Legislatures the US has committed to support for international observers.

International nonpartisan organizations deploy teams of observers who are neither citizens nor residents of the country where an election is being held. They typically follow a professional methodology based on international and domestic standards for democratic elections. Impartial international observers seek to provide a credible, data-driven assessment of the conduct of an election and are not interested in the political outcome. In 1990, the U.S. committed to inviting and providing access for international observers when it signed the OSCE Copenhagen Document.

One potential problem is whether or not Russia could veto the request.


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