Florida woman dances naked at Dunkin' Donuts, doesn't rat out friends


Duncan Donuts

Is this some off-brand store where the owner decided to stop paying franchise fees? Where I grew up we had a 7-11 that one day transformed into a 7-10.

ETA: Source article suggests not - just a bizarre typo.

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Green Acres is a real place?? I bet nobody would have been upset if the naked dancer had been 1960s-era Eva Gabor.


You know, like McDowells.


No shirt? No shoes? No dice!

Everything else is fair game…

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It doesn’t seem she actually danced there.

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OT: You’ve noticed those too? For some reason they’re always former Dunkin’ Donutses turned into “Dinky Donuts” or what have you, just whatever they can strategically scrape paint away to read, since it’s never new signage. Sometimes you’ll see similar on other establishments (“Ernie-& Martha’s Saloon”,) but never any other franchise.

And by “dance” we mean “sit.”

Several real places, apparently. The USGS Geographic Names Information System says there are 73 populated places in the US called “Green Acres.”



Oh, Florida, you so crazy.


There was a Slate article about restaurants that used to be Pizza Hut red-roof restaurants. And I remember when Pizza Hut expanded its delivery-and-carryout-only operations into L.A. around 1990 or so, they took over a lot of former Winchell’s donut stores, partly because of the ideal size, partly because they already came with a big Hobart dough mixer. But you can always tell the Pizza Huts in L.A. that used to be Winchell’s joints because of the rounded-off triangular signage in the parking lot.

You see quite a few JONS grocery stores in L.A., and I’ve always suspected the first one or two of them at least used to formerly be VONS locations.

And I dunno if it’s still there, but there used to be a 7-Seven convenience store in Van Nuys that looked just like a 7-Eleven with different colors on the 7.

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For a non-USAian, thank you for confirming the existence of Winchell’s donuts which to me had only existed in Zappa lyrics. Now I’m compelled to play “Roxy and Elsewhere”. Good times.

When Pizza Hut opened in Russia it amused me that the Cyrillic signs said ПИЏЏА ХАТ, which transliterates back into English as Pitststa Khat. One Џ would have done the job, but they absolutely had to have the same number of letters.

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Does the visual pun of the Pizza “Hat” translate in some clever way?

Pizza Hut makes its own dough fresh on the premises? That’s a good thing. I assumed everything was delivered pre-made as much as possible, as it is in most other fast food places.

My Russian is very limited, but I don’t think so–unless you’re an English speaker and you see the red roof logo as a hat.

According to Gorillaz it was “Dunkin Dognuts.”

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Their dough arrives as boxes full of preformed frozen discs. Said dough frisbees are then dropped an oiled pan and left to thaw and rise overnight. They also shatter in a really satisfying way when hurled with enough force down an alley.

I haven’t worked at a Pizza Hut since 1994 or so, but when I worked there, all three varieties of dough (Pan, Thin, and Hand-Tossed) were delivered to the store as bags of flour premix. Each bag would be dumped into the Hobart (which could mix up to three bags at a time) and you’d add a specific volume of water at a specific temperature, and the Hobart would mix for a specific time at its lowest speed. Then the large lump of dough would be hefted up onto the dough table, cut into weighed chunks, rolled into flattish balls (for the Pan dough) or rolled flat and stretched (for the other two) into their pans, perforated to avoid air bubbles, and wheeled into the proofer to rise (except for the Thin, which was essentially saltine cracker dough without the added salt, and obviously didn’t need to rise). All the day’s dough was made first thing in the morning. If Pizza Hut delivers frozen pre-made crusts to its restaurants now, it’s news to me.

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Actually i’m pretty sure that guy is right. Because i saw them doing it that way once, when i ordered from them. Our location is a tiny one and standing at the counter you’re looking straight into the ‘kitchen’. I think it might only be the stuffed-crust and other specialties done this way?

But they totally take out a frozen ring and literally snap it to the pizza.

Also if you look at their international pizzas, they all sport some sort of crazy stuffed AND topped crust… a style that would work well if they’re just shipping a bunch of premade special rings to locations. I’ll bet it was something that happened when they were bought by Yum brands…? Because back in the day, pizza hut literally had different pizza – i bet that was when you worked there and were making them from flour. I miss that pizza hut because it was actually pretty decent.