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Might be. They were still owned by Pepsi when I worked there, along with KFC and Taco Bell. They were always experimenting with new products and methods. The corporate goal when I started there (early 1988) was to take some of the delivery market away from Domino’s which had dominated that segment for years, and the common wisdom held that the pizzas simply had to be better than Domino’s pizzas, which had been allowed to remain awful for years simply because they had no real competition in home delivery. Pizza Hut tried out many different products and strategies in my hometown of San Diego before they expanded their delivery market into Los Angeles.

Now see, that’s how I thought it was done. So why was it so important to have a commercial dough mixer on the premises? I is confused.

And there’s my answer! Thanks.

2002-2003. Future pizza is pretty nasty. Was the pan pizza still deep fried in an 1/8th in. of oil back then?

Oh, yeah. That was good stuff. The discerning doughmaster put only 2.5 squirts of oil into the large pans rather than 3, so they didn’t come out too greasy.

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