Watch this young woman eat 50 Krispy Kreme donuts


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Raised donuts are mostly air, as opposed to baked donuts which are a lot heavier, so she had it easy (or. . . easier, I guess.)


Oh how i’d like to see what her blood sugar readings are after that. Ya know, for science!


Triply so for Krispy Kremes. Tasty if the sign is on and they give them to you fresh off the line, otherwise meh.


no, no and no


She’s like the love child of Paula Deen and Cool Hand Luke.


“What we have here is a failure to communicate, y’all.”

OT, I was having a discussion about donuts the other day. IF I eat them (and by them I mean actual donuts with a hole, not like bear claws, apple fritters, etc.) I prefer cake donuts to raised. With chocolate frosting and chopped peanuts. Or maple glaze.

Pretty sure most donuts are fried, whether raised or cake, which is what I think you mean. And they are heavier.
But still fried in delicious fat.



And if you walk in while the sign is on they’ll give you a free sample. Or at least they used to. I would walk in, take one, and walk out, so they may not do that anymore.

Sorry, everyone.


Yes, “cake” is what I meant. I am the only person I know who prefers plain cake donuts, with no topping or filling.


They discontinued the samples because this one guy kept walking in, taking one, and walking out.






A fresh, well-made plain cake donut is one of life’s culinary treasures. Bakeries that respect and practice the art of the plain cake are rare, though.


That’s disgusting…


In a society so rich and with such an abundance of calorie-packed foods, isn’t it more challenging to abstain? Why don’t we have Not Eating contests?


Maybe because it’s too Kafkaesque.

(I get what you’re saying, though.)


Because “thinspiration”


You’re thinking of the modelling industry.


We have “Biggest Loser.”

(I have never watched, nor do I personally endorse, the show.)