Florida's AG seeks to keep marijuana off the ballot

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I hatehatehate the stupid neologism of referring to an Attorney General as “General Butthead.” It’s a minor clue that too many of our fellow citizens long to feel the strongman’s boot. A campaign opposed to the AG’s take is dumb to use it.

Florida is an un-fun place! They are trying to ban Disney, pushing back against weed, and banning books. The only fun thing I can imagine in Florida might be to smoke out and watch manatees swim around.

Smoking out and swimming at the springs or bicycling the “rails to trails” was the favorite pastime when I lived there, mainly because that’s where cop cars can’t really go.


Was marijuana legal in The Handmaid’s Tale? Republicans don’t want only the oppressed women, they want the entire joyless sick theocracy. Illegal drugs are one more excuse to punish and control people, and they’re not about to give that up.


Florida’s AG seeks to keep voters who support marijuana legalization from turning out to vote.


Then she’s not only heartless but extremely stupid. The best way to keep the stoners from voting is to encourage them to get baked, because then they don’t care enoughforget to turn out.

She should have held the election on 4/20.

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When I’ve partaken I didn’t care less about issues. I might have become distracted and forgotten what I was supposed to be doing, but I didn’t stop caring about stuff. Besides, she’s probably just thinking about discouraging voter participation for the next election, not all future elections. The GOP have other strategies for that.


AG is terrified of even more widespread stupid Florida legal stories, forgetting that they will manage it with or without the help.

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Right? Using marijuana as an excuse for irresponsibility and forgetfulness is a Conservative rhetorical tool.

I graduated from UF (working part-time) while getting high daily and still managed to maintain a high grade point average. :man_shrugging:


Curious where the “free” part is in Florida?


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