Flowerpot-wearing man robs gas station with chainsaw


Are we not men?


Awww…chainsaw baby grew up…http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0092904/fullcredits

Obviously a devout follower of the Church of the Cryptofloricon.


The chinstrap is for holding the flower pot down.

+10 for style


They have a name for these kinds of guys downunder: “pissed dickheads” is the phrase we are looking for…

Hopefully he learned from Bucket Man, with his backup bucket:

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Reminds me of old print The Onion pieces about the Belt Sanding Hoodlum…

Sounds like a job for The Tick.


I can’t wait to see him come back with a chainmail hand.

A chainsaw has got to be the worst antipersonnel weapon of all time. Which gives it a certain special “dangerous loon” cachet even without the flowerpot!

I dunno. There have been recent improvements.


As an Australian, I see that he comes from Ipswich and suddenly it makes sense.

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Good point, at least there’s a fair bit of added range, right?

Still less effective than a well-balanced pointy stick, though.

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wearing a flower pot on his head and wielding a chainsaw…escaped with only a bottle of soda, but not before mooning the clerks

The Aristocrats!


Frat boy shenanigan’s, presumably.

Is the lesser charge “going unarmed too cause fear…”? If he had an actual agenda and/or cause, he would be a terrorist. Apparently, he was a few brewski’s shy of the moniker.

Is Ipswich the Florida of Australia?

{Delteeted because the BBS doesn’t recognize youtube’s ?t= URL modifier & I don’t want to subject people to the whole video}

Am i really first to suggest he’s captain of the local NED KELLY fan club?