WATCH: Man in hardware store hides chainsaw in his shorts




Obligatory “Is that a chainsaw in your shorts or are you just…”.


VERY happy to…


I’m going to go out on a limb (heheh) and guess: Florida?


If a quick googling is to be believed, Port St. Lucie of said same!,-80.362827,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xe1369af07c508227


He just wanted to cut his wood, that’s all.

VIDEO: Florida man shoplifts chainsaw by stuffing it in his pants

Now that takes balls.




He recently learned that a vasectomy was considered elective surgery and thus not covered by his health insurance?


i saw what you did there


Yes, he nicked it.



No, I mean literally, be careful with that thing.


he’s hiding it in his shorts. it only becomes theft when he leaves the property. and he hasn’t been convicted yet.

I’m not saying he wasn’t at least attempting to steal it (looks like he may not have gotten out of the store, since the cashier makes him right away,) just explaining “allegedly.”


“Well, if you’d had shopping baskets big enough none of this would have ever happened!”


I do wish the guy behind the counter had said this:


You may laugh, but he got 50% off.


that really depends on the jurisdiction.


Did he get caught?


“allegedly stealing a chainsaw by putting it in his pants” – doesn’t go far enough. To be lawyer-safe, it should read:
“allegedly stealing what appears to be a chainsaw by seeming to put it in what might or might not be his pants”.