Flutes "stained with a man's bodily fluids" issued to California schoolchildren


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/09/30/flutes-stained-with-a-mans.html


Okay, who ordered the skin flutes?


An article about woodwind instruments stained with bodily fluids? What a humorous reed!

(I’m going to keep making variations on that pun as long as Boing Boing keeps pointing articles about dudes putting their sperm on things, which is probably forever)


Maybe their marching band are the C-Men?


My guess is that unless schools give people disposable instruments, they have all been touched by bodily fluids at some time. Use some hardcore solution to clean them, and they will be more sanitary than average flutes, restaurant utensils, or just about anything else.


With a B sharp following.


I see what you did there



Maybe Professor Harold Hill’s antics in River City had a more…unsavory…motive than mearly conning money out of the town.


Skin flutes…check
Band camp…check

I can move on now.


There are always a couple of low hanging fruit in this neighborhood.


This is a new trend, like ‘Stealthing’ that usually younger men are doing. Things are reaching the riddikulus stage.


Hell the things are hand made. Blood Sweat and Tears are all likely candidates for the suspected fluids


I could identify with a low hanging fruit…some of them were damn cute too.


Which bodily fluids are appropriate and sanitary?



Well… What if during packaging, someone cut himself or herself, and by the time he or she realized blood was gushing everywhere, the box was already sealed up and ready to go? That would be plenty upsetting.

I mean, otherwise, how would you be able to tell that someone hadn’t accidentally dumped a tub of creamed spinach into the box?


I don’t know why you said Creamed Spinach but I know my sleep is gonna be disturbed by that thought. Thanks for the visual


Oh? I thought there was some classic line about creamed spinach in regards to the famous stain on Monica Lewinsky’s dress, but I was unable to locate it just now. It must have been some offhand comment by a newscaster or comedian back in those simpler times.