Flying Spaghetti Monster pasta strainer

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Let he who is without noodle strain the first pot.

edit to add: protip for pasta strainer owners. Strain it before it’s done but save some of that pasta water and add the pasta and a bit of the pasta water to your sauce and finish in the pan. It will help bind and thicken the sauce and with buttery and/or oily sauces it emulsifies so you have a creamy and non-greasy sauce. Silky, that’s the word. Silky.


For only $26.95 you can get it bundled with the crucifix style pasta stirrer and the menorah shaped spaghetti fork.


I have one of these. I find it difficult to keep it on my head while dancing.

Caveat emptor I guess.


Would it be considered blasphemy to use this strainer for rinsing vegetables?


In my denomination, the sauce is ladled over the spaghetti on the serving plate, but we’re tolerant of other practices, however bizarre.


You can use for vegetables if you rinse them with your pasta water. R’amen.


You might try finishing the sauce with 1/8-1/4 cup of pasta water before you ladle it over the spaghetti.

When I play Civ VI I always choose a custom religion name of “Flying Spaghetti Monsterism” or sometimes FSM. I always use the icon with the wavy noodles. hehe I was also the guy at the middle school who would help host talk like a pirate day. Good times! R’amen


All hail His Noodliness! R’amen.


52$ in Canada. FML


Either that pasta was way overcooked (super fat strands!!) or that strainer is kind of small.


Cute, but not very practical.


You’re doing it wrong.

Used as a hat, it forms a partial Faraday cage, which blocks out the Orbital Mind Control Lasers. You can’t dance if you can’t hear the music.

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But but but that featured yellow colander is plastic.
Faraday cages need steel [mesh], right?
Necessarily connected to ground, right?

Touched by His Noodly Appendage indeed…

Could it be that we are seeing an earlier evolutionary stage of the Pastafarian?
What’s he wearing on his head?


There was an article on this in IEEE Xplore two years ago:

My take from this is that Feynman is right in a “only works with spherical chickens in a vacuum” kind of way, if you know what I mean.
In other words, his model isn’t wrong as such, but a) assumes ideal conditions hardly found in real life and b) doesn’t factor in other effects, like ionization, that accompany and influence the inner workings of a Farrady cage.

The amazing thing for me is that there still is a lot of pretty basic research to do in order to be able to fully explain something which seems a) very simple and b) has been in use in a myriad of applications for almost 200 years now.
The things “everybody knows” that we take for granted…

Disclaimer: I’m a civil engineer; which means I know just enough about elec-trickery to know when to ask an electrical engineer or physicist.



“Thinner wires” would not have been among my first conclusions, but there it is in theirs. Basic research indeed. I should present that idea to my high school nerd who is heading for college (engineering school, no doubt) in a few years. Sounds like there are plenty of basic investigations yet to be done that would make a significant contribution to our understanding of the principles involved, including that ionization angle.

Thanks for the pro tip!

Disclaimer: I work with engineers. A lot. I am however not an engineer.

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A million times “NO!” I will not countenance the grabbage of My Lord and Master’s visual apparati for the straining of His bounty. Sacrilege, I tells ya: sacrilege!


Maybe it was another good year for the spaghetti harvest

My great-great-grandma insisted that this was real until she died. because “Richard Dimbleby would never lie”. Pointing out that the documentary aired on April 1st had no effect.


It’s bucatini; totaly tubular, man. :sunglasses:

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