Flyover Country is an app that makes the window seat worth it


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As a resident of flyover country, I approve of this app!


Rarely does my LG G4 get a GPS fix while on board an airliner - but I'm that guy who always books a window seat and stares fixedly and in wonder at the unravelling landscape below, with the American southwest as a favorite.


While my own occupation has been relatively free from the scourges of globalization and technology, the ubiquity of mapping technology has rendered my great comparative advantage -- an insanely good sense of direction and a near encyclopedic memory of the shapes and orientations of cities, rivers and highways across the country -- all but moot. This pretty much brings it to a close.


Just be aware, though, many airlines disallow the use of GPS even though it is technically approved by the FAA. You must follow the instructions of the flight crew if they ask you to turn off the GPS, or you risk problems. At very least, be ready to prove your GPS complies with FCC Class B devices. (Bring your manual, it should be in the back under the FCC stamp)


Flying over the southwest is great. A few weeks ago I was looking out the plane window trying to figure out which area was below me. Then White Sands National Monument came into view and everything fell into place. Tough to beat such an impressive landmark.



If I'm going to take over the US, I'm starting in the Midwest. The two coasts won't even notice until I'm on the doorsteps and by then it will be too late. Only downside is I'll be stuck with Texas :frowning:


I have a favorite book like this, Landprints by Walter Sullivan.

It gives you the history of geologic formations you see below on common air routes.


That's the same picture twice, in the OP, isn't it? Am I playing "spot the difference" in vain?


I tried out this app just last week, on a trip to DC. It worked quite well. The review doesn't mention it (perhaps because it should be obvious), but you need to pre-load your trip into your phone while you have a connection, and save it for use when there's no wifi/data. Also, on my return trip, I was completely unable to get a GPS lock from the plane. Those trying out this app may want to open it before takeoff and get a lock while the plane is still relatively stationary.


Waiting for Southwest to kick off the very first brownish person they catch using the app.


I for one look forward cheerfully to those found with GPS satellite emulators in their shoes/pants. Likely to be a nicer FCC stamp there, right? Will be sure to carry Kurt Russell film BTiLC with me when using LoPan also. For the airline.


I've used my map app in the window seat before and got some very suspicious looking glances. And I'm the middle aged bald white guy poster child.


You still have an edge in department stores, malls, caves, subways, and video games.

Maybe not for much longer, but at least for now... :smiley:


I wonder how well it works while driving instead of flying.


No! Bad!


I would love this. I was once on a flight (I think it was Frontier) where there was a little screen above each row, but instead of a movie it was a map that showed where we were, and what our altitude was. I wish every plane had that, because I always want to know what I'm looking at when I fly.


Most likely while the plane is midflight seeing how Southwest Airlines seems to be getting shittier and shittier by the day


Well this is goddamn awesome and makes me want to fly somewhere immediately. So many times I've look down at land formations and whatnot and wondered "What the hell is that?". Maybe now I can get answers (well, not now I suppose but soon I hope since I'll be flying to China in the next few months).