Fool-the-eye video-game door decals

These $80, videogame-themed door stickers feature battered, CGI-like artwork for your bedroom door, to give it the look of something that’s been assaulted by zombies and/or space marines. Designs include armory, freight elevator, lab door and airlock. Metal Core Door Sticker Decals (via Red Ferret) READ THE REST

I’m seeing these more as matte paintings. Not really getting any “CGI-like” aspect.

Man, the wife is gonna be surprised by this! :slight_smile:


I love how this kind of sci-fi set design always just looks like slightly tweaked music gear cases or industrial sized catering equipment. Having said that, I’d love to put one of these over the crapper door.

Yeahhh, yeahhh. That’s what’s up with my door.

If they had a steampunk-looking hatch decal, I’d buy it in an instant!

do not want to pre-order though

Why don’t the renderings show the beaten up brass doorknob that will invariably be on the door?

You could get an apporopriate replacement doorknob. Up to you to decide if that’s worth the additonal cost.

Insufficient detail on the website to make a purchasing decision. Need to see it in MUCH higher resolution… mostly to know that it has the kind of detail which would make it worthwhile.

Reminds me that I’ve got a large piece of art which would look good mounted under plexiglass on a door…

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