For anyone who likes Alan Tudyk

“By the way, the biggest criticism of Juilliard in the early 90s was that every actor that came out of Juilliard was the same. Like robots. Well I am leaning in on that in my career.”


He was terrific as the understated, businesslike villain Mr. Priest in Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.

Come to think of it, everyone in that was terrific.


Agreed! It was such a wonderful show. I’m sad it didn’t get more seasons.

One of my favourite Alan Tudyk roles is from Wonder Boys. It’s a small part, but a really good one. Somewhere in a long lost notebook, is a character I created based on that character.


That was a very interesting anecdote. I’m glad it motivated him, because I really enjoy his performances. Cannot imagine him stuck behind a bar, but couldn’t get the scenario out of my head for a while.

Believing some grains of truth found in Billy Joel song lyrics led to interesting outcomes in my life, too. This reminds me to plan a post-pandemic trip to Austria, 'cause Vienna waits, right? While listening to his music, the results are either sadness or euphoria - especially when the themes involve an apocalypse or nostalgia for NYC. If a troubling line reminds me of myself, I can always play this, though.




After reading that I really want to hang out with this Ken guy, sounds like a sharp wit.

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I’ve left my taste for Billy Joel behind in childhood, but one thing that I took to heart later in life after were the lyrics to Big Shot, after I waking up one too many times in the morning realizing alcohol had turned my frustrating shyness into being a big mouth. Social situations often have so much pressure to impress by being “in-the-know” when it’s really stuff that’s nobody else’s business. I’m now much better about noticing when I’ve had enough for it to be a temptation and can keep that filter up.


I love Resident Alien but, come on…


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