Watch the first 7 minutes of SyFy's new RESIDENT ALIEN show, starring Alan Tudyk

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Ok, I’m in. I wonder when it will arrive on SyFy UK


I’m excited to finally learn what the show actually is that has kept Alice Wetterlund locked up in a Canadian hotel room for so long now.

If anyone is interested in a female perspective on Star Trek TNG the podcast she does with Veronica Osorio, Treks and the City, is worth checking out.

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Yes, but does he project the same nuance and emotional range as with his voice work in Moana??


So a murdering alien gets to solve a murder.


Who says it was solved?

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Alien Resident sounds like the story of the original Capt Mar-Vell from the ‘60s by Stan Lee.

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I’m calling it.


I’ve never forgiven SyFy for cancelling Farscape so unceremoniously and then giving us the horrid mini-series to “wrap it up”

I tried giving them a second chance with Defiance, which started great and ended horribly.

This makes a third chance…it already looks great, so I am fully prepared for utter failure/disappointment.

dude! Canceling Dark Matter in the middle of the story ended it for me and SyFy.
I would watch this only because I love Alan Tudyk


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